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We’re always experimenting with using film to engage the public. Here are tools and models we’ve developed for our film campaigns, with more to come!

Unstoppable Resource

Dear Legislator Campaign poster tool

Gain the attention of a local legislator by capturing direct messages from guests at a screening.

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Unstoppable Resource

The Unstoppable Schools Project

Engage students in using film as a spark for investigating environmental issues in their own neighborhoods.

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Unstoppable Resource

Unstoppable Voter Pledge

Mobilize voters around the environment by securing people’s commitment to show up for every election.

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Reports & insights

We curate and share insights to guide teams in using film to make an impact.​

Imagining the possibilities

Understanding the opportunity to create impact through film.


Harnessing Docs for Social Change
Dot Connector
Dot Connector A simple guide for framing documentaries as a tool for social change.
Documentary Impact: Social Change through Storytelling
Hot Docs
A brief history of how documentary film has been used to created change.
How to sell social change? Put it in a movie.
NY Times
A profile of several film companies, like Participant Media, that are using film for impact.
Impact filmmaking for social change
An intuitive step-by-step guide for creating change with your documentary.
Impact Guide Case Studies
A collection of documentaries and impact campaigns that have made a splash.

Measuring your impact

Resources to evaluate the impact of your campaign.


Impact Assessment
Media Impact Partners
A guide for measuring the impact of your outreach efforts.
The Impact Fieldguide and Toolkit Doc Society
A framework and comprehensive toolkit for measuring your impact.
Measure your impact in 6 steps
Six easy steps to measure your impact, including researching, planning, and careful tracking.
Metrics of Maximum Impact
Future of Storytelling
Co-founder of Buzzfeed explores how computational social science and data science are giving storytellers unprecedented tools to assess social impact.

Funding your campaign

Guides to aid in finding and receiving funding.


The Prenup
Active Voice Lab
A guide to the filmmaker + funder relationship: "What filmmakers and funders should talk about before tying the knot"
Funder Perspectives
Media Impact Funders
A look from the funder’s perspective as you begin to pitch your campaign and film.
Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding for Filmmakers
A comprehensive list of crowdsourcing resources, tips, and guides.

Identifying your audience

Tools to segment and identify your key audiences.


Climate Opinions Map
Yale Program on Climate Communication
An interactive map that visualizes climate opinions from different populations on country, state, and district levels.
Beyond the Choir
Active Voice
A look at how different films have reached beyond the environmental choir
10 strategies for documentary filmmakers to impact policy
How to craft messaging for your campaign to influence policy makers.
Movies & Grassroots Community Engagement
Center for Media & Social Impact
An investigation into nonfiction film’s influence on legislative change in the United States.
When Movies go to Washington
Center for Media & Social Impact
Nonfiction film’s impact on the national political stage.

Crafting a Communications Plan

Strategies to guide you in crafting an effective communications plan.


How the Media Engagement Strategy Deck Helps You Play Your Way
Impact Media Report
A collection of resources to help identify your best path to communicating your impact and reaching key audiences.
Understanding distribution and audience engagement
Fledgling Fund
A guide for filmmakers on distribution, outreach audience engagement, and strategic communications.
The Secret to Better Storytelling for Social Change: Better Partnerships
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Exposure Labs' Managing Director Samantha Wright teams up with Annie Neimand, Ph.D. to explore the power of storytelling and partnerships in creating impact.


Looking for a resource that isn’t here? Tell us about it. We might know where to find it, or we can consider your request as we develop new resources.

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