How do we get more candidates to prioritize environmental issues?

There are millions of ‘non-voting environmentalists’ across the United States: people who care about the environment but don’t turn out to the polls. If environmentalists don’t vote, their values don’t take priority among political candidates and elected officials alike. Heading into 2018 midterm elections, this tension took center stage in races such as Georgia’s Public Service Commission – a small, largely unknown state decision-making body with an outsized influence on Atlanta’s ability to meet its recent commitment to 100% clean energy.

Photo: Mark Crawford

Photo: Exposure Labs


Connect cult-favorite films to local climate action

We created the Big Screen Bloc Party, a film series to grow a new voting bloc of millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. electorate, who overwhelmingly support climate action across party lines – but are known for low voter-turnout.  

Leading up to midterms, Bloc Party-goers rediscovered film-favorites like WALL-E and Beasts of the Southern Wild, films that viscerally remind us of the tenuous balances in nature that we depend upon for survival. Attendees learned about the Public Service Commission (PSC) race and other ways to support Atlanta as a sustainability leader. Guests took action by signing the Unstoppable Voter pledge, a commitment to bring their environmental values to the polls, and we held them to this promise with helpful election date reminders.


See the Big Screen Bloc Party in action


Our Unstoppable Voter pledge can be used at your film event to encourage voter commitment.


historic turnout

Bloc partiers contributed to the highest early voter turnout in a midterm election and doubling young voter turnout since 2014.  

Connected voters with candidates

PSC candidates responded to guests’ social media inquiries with videos showing support for Atlanta’s 100% clean energy goal.

1,000+ bloc

The Big Screen Bloc Party community has grown to over 1,000 strong


“This has finally made me feel a part of a community, and now I have something to do. I will go to any event y’all host.”

Justin HallAtlanta resident

“I’ve been to a lot of environmental events. This was the most impactful event I’ve ever been to.”

Amy HouCommunications professional


New climate heroes are emerging across Atlanta, sharing their story and connecting the film’s story to the need for local action.