Filmmakers dedicate years of their lives to capturing evidence of our changing planet. At the same time, environmental groups are working hard to mobilize communities on the ground.

Imagine the possibilities if these efforts were united. Unstoppable aims to merge the power of environmental films with grassroots organizations to accelerate action.

Together, we can make climate solutions unstoppable.

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Unstoppable was born out of Exposure Labs, the production company and social impact studio behind Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral. These films brought unprecedented visual evidence of climate change to the big screen, and powered ambitious campaigns to accelerate local action.



We’re taking the organizing models we’ve developed with Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral into new communities along with a growing repertoire of other climate films. Looking to spark local action in unlikely places, we’re working through a network of advocacy organizations and filmmakers to build momentum across the U.S. and beyond.


Our Team

Jeff Orlowski

Director, Chasing Ice / Chasing Coral

Storytelling wisdom:

``Drones along with other camera technology from underwater cameras to time-lapses of glaciers allow us to see the world from a different perspective. I find that my storytelling revolves around revealing the invisible and shining a light on the most pressing challenges of our time. Plus, getting to go on adventures around the world, ice climbing and scuba diving etc is a pretty sweet profession.``

About Jeff:

Jeff is the director, producer, and cinematographer of the award-winning films Chasing Coral and Chasing Ice. Chasing Coral received the US Documentary Audience Award at Sundance in 2017. Chasing Ice received the Documentary Cinematography award at Sundance in 2012 and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Both films were shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, screened at Congress and the United Nations, and have garnered awards and accolades from film festivals around the globe. Jeff founded Exposure Labs, a production company dedicated to impact through film. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with many plants that his roommate helps to keep alive while Jeff is off making films.

Larissa Rhodes

Head of Creative Development

Storytelling wisdom:

``Now that the world is literally at your fingertips, they age-old saying 'with great power comes great responsibility' really rings true. I feel a huge obligation to tell stories that are worthy of our attention and do justice to the subjects themselves.``

About Larissa:

Larissa is a filmmaker and the Director of Creative Development at Exposure Labs, where she develops projects motivated by social impact. Most recently, she produced the Sundance, Peabody, and Emmy award-winning film, Chasing Coral, a feature film following a team of adventurers working to reveal how the oceans are changing. Rhodes previously worked on the Emmy® Award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice. She holds an MFA in Film from Columbia University and a BFA & BA from the University of Colorado in Film Studies and International Spanish for the Professions.

Alan Chan

Interim Chief of Staff

Storytelling wisdom:

“For me, headphones represent the audio-based storytelling renaissance that technology has enabled. From podcasts to audiobooks, streaming to downloading, on-the-move to downtime, I can now experience stories in so many more contexts than before by simply popping my headphones into my ears.”

About Alan:

Alan Chan is the interim Chief of Staff at Exposure Labs, ensuring the organization has the resources, processes, and strategy to effectively leverage film to drive social change

Previously, Alan was with Turner, a global media company, as part of the Corporate Development group where he evaluated and executed acquisitions, investments and strategic initiatives. He holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Based in Atlanta, Alan can be found sprinting up hills in the neighborhood and forever attempting to train his dog, Kane.

Megha Agrawal Sood

Director of Programs

Storytelling wisdom:

“When I look back at my childhood, I realize that many of my favorite TV shows, such as Lamb Chops, Mr. Rogers, and Sesame Street, included puppets. Puppets are an amazing tool to help audiences let go of preconceived assumptions and engage in stories that explore topics ranging from creative play to neighborly love.”

About Megha:

Megha believes in the power of sharing stories and building unexpected collaborations to inspire action. As Director of Programs, she is constantly experimenting with creative storytelling approaches to engage new audiences and amplify climate campaigns. She pulls from her prior experiences in design thinking and social enterprise strategy to craft new film for impact programs.

Prior to joining Exposure Labs, Megha worked at the global innovation firm, IDEO, where she helped purpose-driven organizations grow through human-centered design. She holds a B.S. in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University. When she is not devouring all the latest articles, you can find Megha exploring trails or tracking down the best ice cream with her pup in Boulder, Colorado.

Max Steinman

Director of Campaigns

Storytelling wisdom:

“For me, fires create a mesmerizing, safe space to share personal stories. And, when accompanied by their trademark snacks, they elevate the act of storytelling into a powerful (and tasty) ritual.”

About Max:

Max Steinman is the Campaigns Director at Exposure Labs, crafting content and experiences that capture the energy of our films and drive viewers to take action.

Max combines over ten years of brand strategy, research design and communications planning to build movements for government agencies, NGOs and socially-minded brands. Most recently, Max launched BreatheLife, a campaign led by the World Health Organization to raise awareness of the staggering health and climate impacts of air pollution and built a network of cities working to advance clean air solutions. Other notable campaigns include a national road tour supporting mail-back of the 2010 Census, and HackHarassment, an initiative of Intel to engage the tech community in combating online harassment.

Meghan Welsch

Director of Screenings

Storytelling wisdom:

“To me, storytelling through film is so powerful because it's an immersive experience - sight, sound, character development, the music - all those elements come together to transport us to another world and make us feel something.”

About Meghan:

Meghan is the Director of Screenings at Exposure Labs. She manages strategic outreach to expand the footprint of the film, while working with individuals, groups, and organizations to support community screenings and festival screenings worldwide. Meghan joins Exposure Labs with a background in film and technology. Her previous experience includes B-Side Entertainment and Festival Genius, the first of its kind in-home distribution platform, and scheduling app for film festivals. Additionally, since its launch in 2012, she was an integral part of the development of Tugg, Inc., a crowdsourcing platform for movie screenings. She has managed and strategized with over 200 independent films, including some of Tugg’s largest releases; Touch the Wall, Lazer Team, and Worship Night in America.

Sam Adler

Campaign Strategist

Storytelling wisdom:

I love the idea of a tangible, physical source of information, news, and stories. While old-fashioned, print journalism represents the start of my love and practice of storytelling. There's something magical about flipping through the paper to uncover what's happening in your neighborhood and around the world.

About Samantha:

Samantha is focused on formulating strategies around social impact through the power of our films as Unstoppable's Campaign Strategist.

As a passionate storyteller, she's interested in the intersection of climate change and human rights. Most recently, she’s worked for Yale’s Program for Climate Change Communication promoting research around a multifaceted approach to climate change social research. She has also worked as a journalist for Alliance Earth, writing and reporting on environmental issues, including an assignment in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert. Prior, Samantha acted as the Global Communications Manager at Girl Rising. Projects included constructing a communications strategy with the White House in relation to the First Lady’s Let Girls Learn initiative. Samantha holds a BA in Journalism and Cinema Studies from New York University.

Bre Graziano

Community Engagement Manager

Storytelling wisdom:

Gathering together with others over good food and drink and sharing the same space can foster some of the best opportunities for storytelling. I love the tangibility of this format. There’s nothing like sitting around a table late into the night over dwindling candlelight, swapping stories.”

About Bre:

Bre is Exposure Labs’ Community Engagement Manager, engaging our global communities of friends both on and offline. Most recently, Bre managed digital communities of moms around the world, equipping them with the resources and support needed to raise the next generation of global citizens. In addition, Bre is the Founder and Director of Fellow Magazine, and is currently working on another print issue that celebrates what being a good neighbor really looks like. Bre is passionate about her belief that investing in our local and global communities can transform the environment around us for the better.

Joan Hobbs

Exposure Labs Operations

Storytelling wisdom:

The adopted and rescued animals in my barnyard live incredibly fascinating lives. They have complex personalities—some hilarious, some grumpy—and are all sentient, caring souls. I love being immersed in their lives and being able to share the stories they tell me.

About Joan:

Joan is a mother, a wife, a vegan, and a wicked good organizer of things and people. Her meandering professional life highlights have included managing sporting events, running computer labs in public schools, owning a business, and writing a book. While not at work, she is happiest hanging out in her backyard with family, friends, animals, and trusty dog Keela.

Vickie Curtis

Education Consultant

Storytelling wisdom:

“When plotted on paper, the five-act AND three-act structure of a narrative story take the shape of a witch hat; I love the universal power of archetypal characters like the Witch, as well as the universal application of this act structure in the world of story.”

About Vickie:

Vickie is a writer and story architect with over a decade of experience adapting true stories for the stage and screen. Relying on a nuanced understanding of the elements of narrative, she works to steer creative teams towards the story they want to tell. Recent projects include writing the Sundance award-winning film CHASING CORAL (2017) and story architecture for documentaries ANBESSA (Berlinale, 2018), ADVENTURE NOT WAR (Tribeca, 2017), ISLAND SOLDIER (Hot Docs, 2017) and FRAME BY FRAME (SXSW, 2015). Before filmmaking, Vickie taught high school humanities with an emphasis on interdisciplinary, project-based learning. Vickie earned her MFA from Naropa University.

Mark Crawford

Short-Form Content Consultant

Storytelling wisdom:

“My medium of storytelling is listening. Not only do I listen in the recordings, edits, music and films that I create, but I also listen to find the stories, and listen to the other artists with whom I collaborate to find the best way to tell the story.”

About Mark:

Mark is a short-form content consultant and a producer, documentary filmmaker, and composer. As a composer, Mark’s credits include music for videos featured on Fast Company, National Geographic, as well as music for the Emmy® Award-winning feature documentary Chasing Ice that screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. As a filmmaker, in 2013, Mark directed a team of 10 incredible filmmakers as they sailed around the world for 4 months, documenting the stories of 11 entrepreneurs for the Unreasonable at Sea project. Mark has a BFA from the University of Colorado in Film Studies.


Unstoppable is made possible by the generosity of our leadership circle and the support of:

David & Linda Cornfield

William Donnelly

Shannon O’Leary Joy

Shari Sant Plummer

Ginny Jordan

Laura & Rutherford Seydel & family

Natalie Orfalea Foundation & Lou Buglioli



Our work is powered through collaboration. We work with a range of organizations and advisors to bring our work to life.

Director of JustFilms at the Ford Foundation

Chief Impact Officer at Participant Media

Film Producer

Former Congressman (SC-R)

Co-Founder of Impact Partners

Founder of Project Drawdown

SVP of Social Impact at Participant Media

Photo: Craig Chesek




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